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Hey! I’m Jonathan and I am deeply passionate about Jesus, the gospel, and bringing that gospel (the good news!) to the world, or in my case Japan! By God’s grace I’ve had a growing relationship with Jesus for almost 20 years now and that relationship with Him has led me down so many amazing journeys, including my heart and love for Japan.

I fell in love with Japan and started seeing the need for Christ in the country around 10 years ago. I remember back in Middle School hearing a missionary talk about Japan and how less than 2% of the country is Christian. For some reason (God!) that number stuck with me through the time I made my first trip there in 2018. I have gone to Japan as an intern, university student, and short-term missionary on three separate occasions. Each time I’ve gone my heart for the people has expanded, I’ve been able to learn the language, learn about the culture, and see and be involved in what God is doing in this beautiful country!

I believe the Lord has been preparing me these last 10 years for ministry in Japan, and that is why I am so thrilled to be jumping into full-time ministry in Japan with Youth With A Mission! I’m so excited for what God is doing in Japan and how he is allowing me to be a part of that. I kindly ask that you too would be a part of the ministry in Japan by remembering Japan and myself in your daily prayers. Furthermore, I humbly ask that you would prayerfully consider being a financial partner for me as I begin this new chapter. Or, if you personally know someone else who is a missionary in Japan, please consider supporting them so that God’s kingdom might be expanded by any means!


Thank you and God bless!


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