Two months into fundraising and preparing for my journey to Japan, I’m overwhelmed by the blessings I’ve already experienced. The outpouring of generosity and love from friends and family has been incredible, sustaining me through these initial stages. Financial contributions, words of encouragement, and prayers have all played a vital role in reminding me of the strength of the community I’m fortunate to have.

Already reaching 66% of my financial goal of $1,000/month within this time frame has been a testament to God’s provision! Witnessing His faithfulness in meeting my needs, often in unexpected ways, has been both humbling and awe-inspiring. Despite occasional doubts creeping in, I’ve been consistently reminded of His unwavering goodness and grace.

Navigating the waiting period for my Visa to enter Japan has been an exercise in patience and trust. Learning from others’ experiences, I’ve come to accept that delays are common, with some missionaries waiting as long as 4-5 months. While it’s challenging not to have a set departure date, I’m finding solace in surrendering to God’s timing and cherishing the additional time spent with loved ones.

Amidst the waiting, I’ve found meaningful ways to stay engaged and productive. Alongside my full-time job in IT, I’ve been participating in DTS Staff trainings via Zoom, which have already been invaluable preparation for the journey ahead. Additionally, opportunities to share my story with friends, family, and church communities have been abundant, providing moments of connection and purpose during this interim period. A few weeks ago, I even had the awesome opportunity to preach at my dad’s church. So, far from being bored and waiting for something to happen, these last few weeks/months have been incredibly busy yet fulfilling.

I am deeply grateful for each person who has chosen to be a part of my journey, understanding that it’s not just my story but a larger narrative of God’s work in Japan, the US, and beyond. Your continued support means everything to me, and I am sincerely thankful for it.

In closing, I humbly ask for your continued prayers. Please join me in praying for the remaining portion of my financial goal to be met, trusting in God’s provision every step of the way. Additionally, I ask for prayers for swift visa approvals not only for myself but for all missionaries awaiting theirs, that bureaucratic processes may be expedited by God’s grace.

Above all, let us pray fervently for God’s continued work in Japan, that His gospel may shine brightly and transform lives. May His love and truth permeate every corner of this nation, touching hearts and bringing forth His kingdom. Your prayers are powerful and deeply appreciated, and I am immensely grateful for your partnership in this journey.

If in prayer you feel led to financially partner with me in this journey, please click here to find out more!

With sincere thanks and heartfelt blessings,

Jonathan / ジョン


  1. Amanda Parazoo

    Great stuff Jon! I loved reading through your updates and progress; God sure is an amazing provider. Praying that you will continue to reach your goal and be on your way to Japan! God bless, my good friend, looking forward to hearing more!

    • Thank you so much Amanda! The faithfulness of God is something I still hardly grasp, but by His grace I experience and see it fresh each day. I do really appreciate the support and prayers! I am praying for your journey and fundraising as well as I know you’re in a similar phase as me. Excited to see how the Lord works through and provides for you as well!

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